Are The Rich People Really Giving Back?

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The financial crisis did not stop everyone. As recession is the perfect opportunity to make a lot of money, according to a recent study, 1% of the population of the world tripled its income. It may sound impossible, but it is real. Many people took advantage of all the opportunities that appeared thanks to the crisis and made a lot of new money, through legal or less legal methods. Anyway, many of the rich people of the world are giving money to charities. But are they really giving something back or they simply use clever strategies to distract the attention of the public who may suspect them of illegal deeds? Many journalists and public persons spread the idea that all the charitable actions initiated of the richest in the world are just smart methods used as cover-ups. Those with money can easily afford a PR whom to hire to cover their tracks with positive actions.

Showing the world they are involved and they care is essential, but behind all their actions may be something more than mercy. For billionaires, a few million dollars are not very important and do not make a difference. This is why getting involved in charities and building a beautiful and positive public image actually comes quite cheap for some of the people who really have enough money to spare. They seem very involved in all sort of projects, but are they really? Could they include in their busy, money-making lives time to pay attention to the needs of others? Apparently at least, yes, but this is not a proof of the fact that they do not use charity to cover actions of which most of the population would disapprove. A few million dollars are a small price for some who have billions.

It should be taken into account the fact that these people do not even spend 1% of their fortune on charity. Giving back is very important, yet, regular people are more involved and offer larger percents of their income to help other that need their involvement. In the end, the best thing about rich people giving important amounts of money to be used in different projects which help those in need is a positive thing. No matter their reasons and no matter if they are those directly involved or their employees, they still make a change.

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