What Does Being Rich Man

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Since the beginning of time, people had only one thing in mind: being rich. The wealth has though different meanings for everybody. Some consider that you can only be rich if you have tons of money, while others think that the wealth comes from the inside.

There has always been a debate between these two theories. Nowadays, people generally consider that you are rich if you have a consistent fortune, which includes money, properties and companies. This is why everybody is working hard, the difference being that some are working to have food on the table and others to increase their fortunes. However, is it fair to say that the people which fall into the first category are poor?

As it is often said, happiness comes from little things, fact that many people forget. They become obsessed with having more and more and no matter what size their fortune is, it is never enough. As a result, they alienate themselves from their friends and family and they usually realize too late that their lives are empty. Being rich is therefore nothing if you do not have anyone to share your wealth with.

On the other hand, being poor is not much more fun either. Many people are struggling to survive, and although they have the moral support of their families, they are never pleased either. They become frustrated and they start to resent the rich people. This is why it has been created some sort of barrier between people and so they have all kind of prejudices about being rich.

Personally, I believe that the best solution lies somewhere in the middle. Being rich is nothing without your family, but you cannot support your family without money, either. Happiness is a relative thing, and everyone understands it differently, in their own way. It is said that money does not buy happiness. Well, the lack of money is not much more fun either.

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